MER 10ml Perfume Oil
MER 10ml Perfume Oil
MER 10ml Perfume Oil

MER 10ml Perfume Oil

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We bring you the euphoric, ozonic aroma of warm sands, on a sunny crisp day. Neroli and Blue Lotus anchored by Vanilla and Hydro Vetiver.

The aroma from natural ingredients have been used for mental, spiritual and physical healing since the beginning of recorded history. However, synthetic fragrance, found in all household products such as perfume, deodorant, washing up liquid, detergent, etc., has a detrimental effect on our mental health as well as marine life.

These fragrance components are not natural at all. In fact, they are derived from petrochemicals. The fragrance industry has been in bed with with the petrol and chemical industry since the late 19th century, and this secret has been by design.

Mental Health
Research shows that some of the chemicals used in synthetic fragrance can negatively impact your nervous system, hormones and cortisol, leading to (or exacerbating) feelings of anxiety, heart palpitations, and even depression.

Marine Life
Synthetic fragrance bio-accumulates and has been found in bodies of water & marine life, causing toxic harm. Phosphates in these chemicals have also been found to cause algae to bloom uncontrollably, depleting oxygen levels available for aquatic life.

By creating MER, an all natural genderless parfum that is sustainably sourced, we are raising awareness about this topic, plus providing you with a gorgeous aroma that protects your mental health and our seas.

How do you know if your product or perfume/cologne contains synthetic fragrance? It’s simple, look at the ingredients. If you see the singular nebulous ingredient ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum/perfume’ listed, this is a loophole designed to hide up to hundreds of toxic ingredients. Many brands that claim to be eco-conscious are guilty of this sadly.

If the ingredients are listed by the INCI name (the botanical name written in Latin, as you’ll see here), THEN you are getting natural ingredients.

All proceeds will go towards funding Mergate 2024 and our charities.

Cocos Nucifera (fractioned coconut oil), Citrus Aurantium (Neroli), Nymphaea Caerulea (Blue Lotus Absolute), Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla C02), Vetiveria Zizanoides (Hydro Vetiver), Linalool*, Limonene*, Geraniol*, Farsenol*

*Natural Isolates

MER 10ml Perfume Oil