Lovorika is a cruelty-free, gender neutral fragrance house embracing ancient wisdom, old world magic and new world organic sustainability.


We are the home of Dry Oil Parfum, the innovative, luxurious dry-oil parfum spray. The non-greasy formula lasts longer while hydrating and moisturising your skin. Not only will you smell fantastic, your skin will thank you. In a world infiltrated with harsh chemicals and synthetic, unsustainable materials, we provide an olfactory oasis of HEALTHY PERFUME:

  • we are cruelty-free
  • we are alcohol-free
  • we are synthetics-free
  • we are parabens-free
  • we are eco-conscious
  • we are organic luxury

Each parfum is hand-blended then aged 4-6 weeks in black Miron ultraviolet glass, a bio-life enhancing container that allows the oils to naturally blend and mature. This creates a deeper aromatic experience and gives Lovorika double the shelf life of your average perfume or cologne.

In an effort to look after our environment, our UK customers can return the bottle to us, or a local stockist, and be refilled for 10% less than the retail price.