Lovorika is an ethical fragrance brand rooted in natural perfumery & aromatherapy. We embrace ancient wisdom, old world alchemy and new world vegan sustainable luxury.

We use the highest grade essential oils, luxurious Absolutes, Resins, CO2s, and Natural Isolates sustainably sourced globally. This gives our products the goodness of organic aromatherapy and the luxury of hand-crafted natural perfumery.

Founder, Daphna Rowe, has an MSc in Political Psychology, is certified in Aromatherapy and has studied the ancient art of natural perfumery and incense making. As scent is processed in the same part of the brain as emotions and memory, it is our belief that olfaction plays a seminal role in a healthy lifestyle.

We also advocate and fight for better transparency in fragrance labelling. Baroness Bennett has raised questions in the House of Lords on our behalf. The fight continues.



We are the home of Dry Oil Parfum, the innovative, luxurious dry-oil parfum spray. The non-greasy formula lasts longer while hydrating and moisturising your skin. Not only will you smell fantastic, your skin will thank you. In a world infiltrated with harsh chemicals and synthetic, unsustainable materials, we provide an olfactory oasis of HEALTHY PERFUME:

  • plant-based
  • eco-conscious
  • sustainable

Each parfum is hand-blended then aged 4-6 weeks in black Miron ultraviolet glass, a bio-life enhancing container that allows the oils to naturally blend and mature. This creates a deeper aromatic experience and gives Lovorika double the shelf life of your average perfume or cologne*



According to the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners September 2018 ‘Right to Know’ report, avoiding synthetic fragrance is the best way to avoid breast cancer. What does this mean exactly? Whether it’s perfumes, beauty products, home fragrances or cleaning products be weary of any ingredient labelled simply ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’. This singular ingredient can hide hundreds of toxic chemicals  that may consist of: carcinogens, respiratory irritants, hormone disruptors, allergens and environmental pollutants. 

Our Parfums are 100% natural. Our full list of ingredients are clearly labelled by the botanical’s Latin name as is required by law for all natural ingredients. We stay true to the ancient art of perfumery and aromatherapy. What we put onto our body needs to be as clean as what we put into it.



Sustainability is a big issue in perfumery as a lot of the sought after botanicals can be sourced in ways that exploit the environment or a culture. It’s healthier to be natural but can our earth keep up with demands and are the local communities being hurt from that consumption?

To put the sustainability into perspective, it requires roughly 242,000 rose petals to distill approximately 5 mL of rose oil (that’s only 100 drops of oil). So huge amounts of natural resources are being used to yield small amounts of oil. If sustainable, this is incredibly beneficial to local communities, but if poached it is extremely harmful.

In the same way there are poachers who kill animals for their hides, tusks, or body parts, there are poachers who will pillage land to sell essential oils to buyers who may have the best intentions – but be unaware of how their oils are sourced.

Indian Sandalwood for example— is no longer sustainable. The Indian government is making great strides to remedy this, but as sandalwood is being threatened in the wild, Australia and the South Pacific islands have entered the sandalwood market and is producing the trees sustainably.

We purchase ours from Vanuatu an island in the South Pacific where local families harvest the trees and it benefits the people of the village. It’s sustainable and still has the luxurious aroma profile sandalwood lovers are used to.

Our frankincense comes from a Somalian Cooperative project committed to granting small, local stakeholders both access and control on the frankincense market which otherwise would be in the hands of the usual big operations.

As there aren’t proper regulations on sustainability in the fragrance industry, please take comfort that at Lovorika we do our due diligence on every material sourced. 



Scent doesn’t understand gender. Regardless of our sex or sexuality we’re all a bit masculine; a bit feminine. As society often restricts our acceptance and understanding of both entities within us, we are told through marketing gimmicks what should be worn by women or men. Why do women have to wear sweet florals and men deep woods? Why can’t we all wear both?

At Lovorika, we do not subscribe to the pink box or blue box mentality, because we know that you don’t fit into a box. No one does. The vast aromas of our natural world are wild and free... and so are we. Like our bottles, we prefer to stay out of the box.


*In an effort to look after our environment, our UK customers can return the bottle to us, or a local stockist, and be refilled for 10% less than the retail price.