Lovorika is a cruelty-free, unisex fragrance house embracing ancient wisdom, old world magic and new world organic sensibilities.


We are the home of Dry Oil Parfum, the innovative, luxurious dry-oil parfum spray that lasts longer while hydrating and moisturising your skin.


Each perfume is a song. Some songs are introspective, inspiring us to alchemise into our best Self; some help us escape into the fantastical and exotic; and some are primal and seductive, appealing to our animal instincts. 


Lovorika creates the notes based on our taste, yet like music, it may or may not be your thing. And that's cool. We prefer diversity anyway. Some things are universal (wanting to feel needed, desired, admired, understood), but self-expression is unique to each one of us. For this reason, you can bespoke the fragrance by selecting which part of the composition you prefer. Look out for our Two Tones Collection... coming soon...


Follow your nose.