We offer 1:1 sessions with our Perfumer, Daphna. This can be done remotely or in person.


1:1 sessions are perfect for birthday or anniversary gifts. We also offer bespoke sessions for brides & grooms who want to have an olfactory keepsake from their special day. As scent is processed in the same part of the brain as emotions and memory, having a bespoke scent created for your wedding is a unique and visceral way to remember the day.


Please email us at if you are interested in a 1:1 session.

If you are a brand, hotel or artist seeking a bespoke scent for your space or products please see our SCENT YOUR SPACE section below.


We run three different kinds of workshops. Each workshop includes a Masterclass on perfumery:

  • an immersive breakdown of how perfumes are comprised: base notes, heart notes, top notes
  • an understanding of scent families
  • a brief history of perfumery from ancient times to the modern era
  • the differences between natural v synthetic fragrances
  • the aromatherapy benefits of natural botanicals

Participants will get to smell a few Lovorika fragrances and each botanical within it to get an in-depth and hands-on understanding of how fragrances are composed. Armed with aromatic know-how and a keener nose, you will then make your own product to take home. We will be there to guide but the creation is yours!



Face Mists provide an aromatic spritz of floral waters and botanicals that refresh and hydrate. After the Masterclass, you will choose between orange flower or rose floral waters as your base then add botanicals on top of it to create a bespoke 15ml aromatic mist to take home. Good for large groups.


Aromatic Body Oils are good to use as perfume oil, beard oil, aromatic pins (legs for you non-Brits) shine, or scent layering. After the Masterclass, we provide an organic blend of base oils and participants choose which botanicals to add to it to create their own bespoke 30ml blend to take home. Good for med-large groups.


This is a more in-depth workshop. After the Masterclass, you will select your base, heart and top notes. We will guide you further on the best measures so one scent does not overpower another. We will help you find the balance you need to create your very own 15ml perfume/cologne to take home with you. How cool is that? Good for small groups.

And finally, if you want us to keep your formula on file we will keep it safe, secret and locked away, so you can re-order in the future.

If you want us to BRING A WORKSHOP TO YOU please email us at


Lovorika Founder Daphna Rowe, with a Masters in Psychology, MSc in International Relations, and Certification in Aromatherapy explains, “throughout history and across all cultures, we have always created emotional connections with scent and our environment. This is why we feel empowered by our favourite perfume or cologne, and use flowers, candles, incense and oils to scent our homes. Just as it effects our personal space, it effects our commercial and artistic ones as well.”
We work with retailers, event planners, live  venues, art exhibitions and architects who want to create a bespoke scent for their space. The size and predominant material of the area, as well as your ethos or intended vibe will all be factors in determining the right fragrance for you. Uplifting? Serene? Comforting? Opulent? It is an affordable olfactory luxury that expresses what your space is all about.
Scent is processed in the same part of the brain as emotions and memory. By adding scent to a store, commercial building, live music venue or art event, an immersive experience is created interlinking space and patron.
The bespoke fragrant fingerprint will subconsciously remain with each patron long after they’ve left. It is an additional layer of marketing and artistic expression that can expand brand recognition, increase sales, and heighten perceptions of value.
Today’s consumers are looking for individual and bespoke options. They enjoy feeling they have discovered something new. Lovorika aides in providing this personal connection. There is also an increased demand for affordable luxury that is sustainable and ethical. Lovorika uses only high quality and cruelty-free ingredients.
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