SAMPLE PACK: Dry Oil Parfums

SAMPLE PACK: Dry Oil Parfums

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All samples are 2ml and come in a luxury black velvet pouch with our trademark wax stamp. The pouch can be reused for anything discreet you'd like to carry on your travels.

1 x DIRTY FLORAL:  a gender neutral, sullied sweet composition of musky tobacco floral.

1 x EDEN ROAD: a harmonious, gender neutral blend of honeysuckle citrus with coffee and vetiver.

1 x FRESH WOOD: a gender neutral woody and sage scent with mimosa and violet leaf phantoms.

1 x VIA BLANCA: a gender-neutral white floral heart, citrus top and a gently spiced base, embodies the vibrancy of Southern Europe’s coastal cities.

Our Dry Oil Parfum is a non-greasy, non-toxic, natural spray that hydrates and moisturises your skin while scenting it with high concentrated parfum oils.

For the full ingredients see each individual listing.

All our parfums are vegan, alcohol-free, parabens-free, ethical and sustainable