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Our Helios Incense Cones come in packs of 20, luxuriously wrapped in a black velvet pouch with wax seal.

HELIOS (noun)
Of or pertaining to the sun.

Helios dwelt in a golden palace located at the eastern ends of the earth, emerging each morning to drive a chariot drawn by four, fiery winged steeds crowned with the aureole of the sun- creating daylight.

The beauty of the sun is that it brings light to that which was hidden in the dark. All growth originates inside the dark: the subsoil, the cocoon, the womb; and it is the warmth of the sun that allows that life to fully blossom and grow.

HELIOS is the golden scent of life after a long, hard winter.


TOP NOTES: Cypress, Sicilian Citrus, Distilled Lime
HEART NOTES: Sunflower, Gardenia, Orris
BASE NOTES: Fresh Grass*, Vanilla Bourbon, Black Musk*

*Vegan synthetics

The formula is 90% natural/10% synthetic.

Ethically hand-dipped in our London studio.
Burn time of each cone: 20 minutes (with 1-2 hours longevity)

We use DPG (dipropylene glycol) base, as is common with incense, to ensure the cones burn properly and do not over smoke.