Ok so here's the truth. I like it sweet but I also like it dirty. Reassuring yet primal. Innocent but filthy. One without the other just isn't natural... and neither is being bottled up like this. I need to be on you!

I'm Dirty Floral.

Go on.

Use me.




We all want peace, I get that. But may I suggest harmony instead? The delicious dance between happy majors and dark minors.
Sometimes I love myself, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I strut, sometimes I slump.
Uplifting yet grounded, I am who I am. The days I accept that are pure heaven.
I'm Eden Road. Heaven scent.



You know that first cool breeze of autumn with fragrant floral ghosts of summer's past? That's me. There is warmth in my deep woods, and a coolness poking through the naked trees.

I'm Fresh Wood.

Let's go get lost.