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This balanced trio is perfect for yogis who want to enhance their experience with aroma.

Our 50ml Aromatic Seven Chakras Massage Oil is made of 7 sustainably sourced essential oils and Master absolutes, and had been specially formulated for a yoga instructor in California. Enhancing her yoga classes with aromatherapy, this divine formula has been tested and approved by her fellow yogis, creating an alchemical and immersive experience. Each botanical aligns with a chakra.

Orphic Incense cones come in a pack of 20. Orphism characterised human souls as divine and immortal but doomed to exist temporarily in a “grievous circle” of successive bodily lives. Orphic incense is an aromatic rite of forbidden fruit, absinthe, Ylang Ylang and black birch designed to provide harmony with the “grievous circle” by embracing the light and dark within us.

Speaking of the light, Helios means ‘of the sun’. Also in a pack of 20 cones it is a golden aroma of Sicilian citrus, gardenia, sunflower and grass. Helios dwelt in a golden palace located at the eastern ends of the earth, emerging each morning to drive a chariot drawn by four, fiery winged steeds crowned with the aureole of the sun- creating daylight.